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This Privacy Notice describes how we may use and disclose your protected health information to carry out treatment, payment, or health care operations and for other purposes that are permitted or required by law. It also describes your right to access and control your protected health information. Your “protected health information” means any written or oral information about you, including demographic data that can be used to identify you, created or received by your health care provider, which relates to your past, present and future physical, mental health or condition.

Hospital Partner

Disclosure of Physicians Ownership Interest

Due to your physician's concern over improving the quality and reducing the cost of medical procedures, along with a number of other physicians, he or she may have invested in North Garland Surgery Center, LLP, DBA Baylor Scott & White Surgicare - North Garland. Your physician's ownership interest in North Garland Surgery Center does however mean that your physician may benefit from choosing to perform your surgical procedure at this facility. The investment provides your physician an opportunity to retain quality control over your medical procedures, and to ensure that your medical costs are reasonable.

  • Baylor Scott & White Surgicare - North Garland is located at 7150 North President George Bush Highway, Suite 101, Garland, TX 75044.

Your physician hereby advises you that you have the right to choose to be treated at another facility and select a doctor that is not invested in the hospital.

We are proud to be affiliated with Baylor Scott & White Health.†

†Joint Venture between Baylor Scott & White Health Baylor Scott and White Health and United Surgical Partners International, Inc.

Please feel free to request more information about this partnership by calling 214-703-1800.

Quality Care and Safety

Baylor Scott & White Surgicare - North Garland is accredited by The Joint Commission.

Baylor Scott & White Surgicare - North Garland is fully accredited by The Joint Commission. The Joint Commission evaluates and accredits more than 15,000 health care organizations and programs in the United States. An independent, not-for-profit organization, The Joint Commission is the nation’s preeminent standards setting and accrediting body in health care. Since 1951, The Joint Commission has maintained standards that focus on improving the quality and safety of the care health care organizations provide.

The Joint Commission’s comprehensive accreditation process evaluates an organization’s compliance with these standards and other requirements. The Joint Commission accreditation is recognized internationally as a symbol of quality and reflects an organization’s commitment to meeting performance standards. To earn and maintain the JC’s Gold Seal of Approval, an organization undergoes an unannounced, on-site survey by a Joint Commission survey team at least every three years. 

For more information please visit the website, email or call:



Phone: 1-800-994-6610

Your Rights and Responsibilities

This document (a) provides you with your Rights and Responsibilities relating to your surgery, (b) describes how to file a grievance, if desired, (c) provides information concerning physician ownership of our center and (d) sets forth our center’s policy with respect to advance directives.

Click to download the Patient Rights and Responsibilities Form

Texas Department of State Health Services

Health Facility Licensing and Compliance Division Customer Service Representative

PO Box 149347

Austin, Texas 78714-9347

Phone 512-458-7111 or 1-888-963-7111

TDD 1-800-735-2989

The Office of the Medicare Beneficiary Ombudsman

A complainant may provide his/her name, address and phone number to the department. Anonymous complaints may be registered. All complaints are confidential.

Complaints about physicians as well as other licensees and registrants of the Texas Medical Board, including physician assistants and acupuncturists, may be reported for investigation at the following address: 

Texas Medical Board

Investigations Department, MC-263

PO Box 2018

Austin, TX 78768-2018


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Por esta página, encontrará información disponible en español. Si usted no encuentra el documento e información que necesita, favor de llamarnos en nuestro despacho, y le ayudaremos.

Preguntas hechas con frecuencia

Este documento contiene información sobre qué puede esperar el día antes de su cirugía, el día de su cirugía, y el día después de su cirugía. También se incluye información sobre el uso de anestesia para su procedimiento quirúrgico.

Preguntas hechas con frecuencia

Sus derechos y responsabilidades

Favor de visitar esta sección para ver la información sobre (a) sus derechos y responsabilidades referente a su cirugía, (b) cómo levantar un agravio, si lo desea, (c) derecho de propiedad de los médicos de nuestro centro y (d) la política de nuestro centro con respecto a los directivos anticipados.

Sus derechos y responsabilidades

Su privacidad

Esta sección describe cómo podemos utilizar y pulgar su información médica protegida para realizar el tratamiento, pago, y servicios médicos y para otros propósitos que sean permitidos o requeridos por la ley. También describe su derecho de tener acceso y controlar su información médica protegida. 

Su privacidad

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